Thursday, June 23, 2011

Project in Progress...

...and slow to complete. It's fun though.

These are the first storyboards for a graphic novel of sort's I'd like to make one day. It's based around a teenaged genius who decides to take up detective work, partly because she thinks she can help the cops catch the bad guys (and probably do a better job of it too), partly because she's bored and has nothing to do at the moment to engage her intellect, and definitely because no one wants to really hang out with her. The storyboards presented to you are for mapping out a moment when the heroine was a small child trying to sneak out late at night to accompany her cop father to a crime scene. She's either holding a Nancy Drew book in her arms or a book on the decomposition process of the human body. Either way, she'll probably be grounded.

part 1
part 2

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Of Baptisms and Exorcisms...

I'm trying to get myself back on the wagon of posting more regularly. Anyways, this is based on a conversation that involved finding out that the head of my (now old) college's illustration program baptized people on Easter Sunday. It was a surprise because he's generally a very serious and stern (and somewhat intimidating) person.

This one's especially for you, Cassi.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cartoon Me

close up of my new profile picture. i think cartoon me looks like she has more fun. none of this "think about the future" crap.