Thursday, May 5, 2011

Artist Statement

The one I used for my thesis paper.

Batman fights the Englishman

Somehow Cassi and I started discussing how one of our illustration teachers dressed (name changed to protect his identity, but if you go to PNCA then you know exactly who this dude is).

Who's that girl?

My friend Cassi and I were trying to describe our advanced illustration teacher to our friend Andrea. Our verbal descriptions weren't working, so I had the bright idea of drawing a picture of our teacher. If you're reading this, Kristen, you're awesome!

Failure is not an option...

This one was a long time coming...Very recently, the esteemed seniors of the Pacific Northwest College of Art had to present their finished thesis projects. This includes showing off schnazzy artwork and giving a 30 minute speech about said artwork. The head of the illustration department came into my advanced illustration class and gave us a talk about how our thesis defenses were supposed to go down. I swear every other word out of that man's mouth was "FAIL FAIL FAIL". I swear he's a good guy, though.